Power Company of Wyoming

2024 construction is underway for CCSM Project

April 22, 2024 – Beautiful blue skies and great weather greeted construction workers and environmental compliance specialists on the first official day of the 2024 construction season for the Chokecherry and Sierra Madre Wind Energy Project. Construction continues this year on roads and turbine pads across the project site, including adding more miles of the internal road network as shown in these pictures.

A tractor at work on the CCSM Project site

Every work day begins with a safety meeting and “plan of the day” coordination meeting.

A tractor at work on the CCSM Project site

A tractor at work on the CCSM Project site

“Limits of disturbance” are carefully marked both on the ground and on GPS maps to assure that all work remains within authorized areas. Erosion control and prevention measures are implemented across the site along with a host of other environmental protection measures. When complete, the CCSM Project is estimated to produce over 12 million megawatt-hours a year of clean, renewable electricity, thanks to famously strong Wyoming wind resources.

Carbon County is already a national wind energy leader. According to the American Clean Power Association’s 2023 Market Report, Carbon County is No. 14 among all U.S. counties in the amount of wind power it hosts – 1,181 MW of installed capacity.

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