Power Company of Wyoming

CCSM Project’s 2021 construction is underway

April 22, 2021 – After careful review of environmental conditions to assure compliance with all permit requirements, Power Company of Wyoming LLC is continuing construction of the Chokecherry and Sierra Madre Wind Energy Project.

The CCSM Project is responsibly sited on a checkerboard of private, state and federal land within a working cattle ranch adjacent to Interstate 80 in Carbon County, Wyoming. The project’s long-term land use is less than 1,500 acres.

CCSM Project construction commenced in September 2016. The initial years of construction are focused on building the infrastructure across the site that is critical for constructing, operating and maintaining the wind project.

Construction of the CCSM Project creates and supports good new direct construction jobs, direct environmental compliance jobs, and indirect jobs in Carbon County and Wyoming. The construction investment also leads to more tax revenue for the state and local governments; for example, over $200,000 in sales/use taxes have been paid just for the purchase of culverts installed on-site during the road construction.

The CCSM Project’s future electricity supplies are targeted to markets in the southwestern United States that desire geographically diverse, highly reliable supplies of renewable energy, such as wind-generated electricity made in south-central Wyoming. This renewable electricity can help states meet their Renewable Portfolio Standards and will help reduce national greenhouse-gas emissions by millions of tons per year.

When complete, the CCSM Project is anticipated to create 114 jobs, making it one of Carbon County's largest private, non-governmental employers. The CCSM Project also would provide millions of dollars in new, non-mineral tax revenue for Carbon County and Wyoming every year, primarily paid in the form of annual property taxes, generation taxes and business license taxes.

For more information on PCW and the CCSM Project, visit www.powercompanyofwyoming.com.

Safety meetingOperators, environmental compliance inspectors and other CCSM Project workers start each day with a safety meeting.

Construction starts at Fivemile RoadAn operator opens a new segment of CCSM Project road on April 12, guided by precise markings to assure surface disturbance is minimized. The construction and environmental compliance teams work closely together to meet the high standards established for the project through comprehensive federal and state permitting processes.

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